Silvia R. Aldana |


Manager of Federal Governmental Relations; PG&E Corporation

Silvia Aldana is Manager of Political and Federal Affairs at PG&E, California’s largest dual commodity gas and electric utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of the PG&E Corporation. Based in Washington DC, Ms. Aldana is responsible for managing relations with U.S. Congressional members, industry trade associations, and guiding outreach strategy to a broad-based portfolio of national stakeholder groups spanning the business, multicultural, women, and consumer markets.

During her tenure at PG&E, Silvia has worked in a wide variety of positions including Energy Efficiency, Customer Service, Corporate Communications, Community Relations, and General Services. In addition to serving on the advisory board of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute, she is a director on the boards of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and the National Fuel Funds Network, and on the Executive Committee of the Congressional Black Caucus Institute 21st Century Council.