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UPS Vice President of Global Public Affairs

María Luisa Boyce is Vice President of International Policy for Global Public Affairs, bringing more than 25 years of experience and leadership in international trade, customs affairs and cross-border trade. In her current role, she is part of the team working on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C., United States, advocating for UPS’ priorities, she leads UPS’s government affairs efforts in Latin America, advocates for global policy impacting UPS’s Small Business Enterprise (SMEs) customers and leads for the Global Public Affairs team the UPS Women Exporters Program. As a policy leader, Maria Luisa participates in different roles, including as Co-Chair of the Trade Facilitation Committee of the American Business Dialogue, representing UPS at the Alliance for eTrade Development, and Chair of the Supply Chain Security Policy Committee with the American Trucking Association, among others. In her professional career, Maria Luisa has held different positions and functions in both the private and public sectors of the United States, to include U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Border Trade Alliance. She has worked in regional committees, and partner with multilateral organizations. This has allowed her to have a solid knowledge of cross-border trade, understanding of logistics and the challenges faced by SMEs around the globe.

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, María Luisa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and International Relations from Universidad Externado de Colombia and has a Certificate from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government for Strategic Management for Regulatory and Compliance Agencies.