Wendy Martinez CHLI Alumni Community Engagement Award

Presented annually to a CHLI alumnus in recognition of their ambassadorship of CHLI’s mission, purpose, and focus.

About The Award

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The Wendy Martinez CHLI Alumni Community Engagement Award is named in honor of Wendy Martinez, a 2005 CHLI internship program alumna whose life was tragically cut short at a young age in 2018.

Wendy was a founding member of the CHLI Alumni Association and led the team who wrote the bylaws and charter to establish the CAA.

Young leaders are the future and the leaders of change in the U.S. and around the world. Wendy was passionate about advancing the Hispanic community’s Diversity of Thought. This recognition established in her name in 2019 encourages emerging leaders to work hard to achieve their professional and personal goals.

The CHLI Alumni Association created the Wendy K. Martinez Scholarship to continue to support alumni in their academic journey. In Spring 2022, the first scholarships were awarded to two CHLI Global Leader alumni.