Vision & Mission


Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI)

CHLI is a leadership development organization that prepares, connects, and honors leaders. CHLI prepares future leaders through internships, fellowships, scholarships, and leadership conferences. CHLI connects future leaders through Congressional Policy Briefings, forums with Members of Congress, the CHLI Future Leaders Conference, the CHLI Trade & International Affairs Symposium, and the CHLI Alumni Association. CHLI connects public service, corporate, civic, and congressional leaders across the United States and abroad. CHLIhonorsleaders in public service and international relations at its Annual Gala & Leadership Awards. Two Congressional Staff members are honored for their leadership with the Stephen D. Vermillion, CHLI CongressionalStaff Appreciation Award every year. The Wendy Martinez CHLI Alumni Community Engagement Award is presented to an alumnus in recognition of their ambassadorship of CHLI’s mission, purpose, and focus. CHLI programs strengthen the U.S. Hispanic community by promoting the advancement of Hispanics in all sectors of the U.S. and global economy. CHLI has focused its efforts on developing and strengthening future global leaders and has funded more than $10 million in educational programs.
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Activities of the Institute

  • The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute seeks to provide charitable and educational assistance to and advance the diversity of social and cultural thought among the millions of Americans of Hispanic and Portuguese descent.
  • CHLI will offer a vision of the American Dream for Americans of Hispanic and Portuguese decent that focuses upon self-reliance, education, entrepreneurship and family values. It is believed that this will provide relief to the underprivileged, lessen the burdens of Government, promote social welfare, eliminate prejudice and discrimination and combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.
  • Among other activities, CHLI will help develop innovative programs and tools to help Hispanics learn English and to disseminate information concerning the detection of diabetes in the Hispanic Community.
  • Furthermore, CHLI will engage in “nonpartisan analysis, study or research” and make the results thereof available to the public. In this regard, CHLI will focus upon the demographics of the American Hispanic and Portuguese communities with respect to achieving improvements in schooling, housing, business ownership and employment. A public lecture series involving respected academicians, elected officials and public policy specialists is also being planned.