nclavel |

Nicole Monica Clavel

Communications and Film Fellow

University: George Mason University

Major: Film and Video Studies, BA

Hometown: Spotsylvania, VA

Country of Origin/Heritage: Bolivian-American


Nicole Clavel is a Bolivian-American photographer and filmmaker based in the DMV area. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Studies with a concentration in Directing from George Mason University and a minor in photography.

Nicole has had a passion for film and photography at a young age, citing her parents as her most prominent influencers. Coming from an immigrant background, she grew up in a family that shaped her morals and beliefs. Her work explores themes of family, identity, and unity. Since then, Nicole has produced many breathtaking photo stories while also being a working filmmaker. She has worked on many critically acclaimed short films. Notably, she won the “Stories That Matter” Award for her directorial debut film, Mi Tierra Querida. A film about her parents and their journey to the United States.

Nicole is currently stepping into communications and non-profit work, joining CHLI as a Film and Communications Fellow. With an eye for storytelling, she is passionate about influencing and bringing awareness to the next generation of leaders. Nicole is a positive, self-motivated individual who loves to create a safe space for diversity and inclusion.

Hobbies include being an avid gamer and Star Wars fan. She also loves to watch movies of all genres in her spare time.