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About Tieler King

Film Communications Fellow

About Tieler King

Tieler King is a writer and filmmaker based in the DMV area. Tieler received her Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Film and Media with a minor in English from Towson University in May of 2022.   

Tieler has had an affinity for writing and storytelling ever since she was a child when her brother helped her develop her first novel. It wasn’t until college that she decided to flex her creative muscles further in her first-ever film class. Tieler found that she liked the challenge that media presented as well as the unique teamwork that brought so many creative minds together. With so many varied and innovative minds working together, Tieler often finds creative inspiration in the work she does to fuel her own projects. 

Growing up in Maryland and outside of DC, Tieler is a strong advocate for diverse storytelling. Representation in media is how so many, including Tieler, discover who they are and Tieler hopes to contribute to a more diverse future in digital media.