Emily Martinez |

Emily Martinez

Marketing and Communications Manager

Emily has built an impressive track record in the communications industry for more than six years, offering her talent in various areas of the communications spectrum, such as the broadcast powerhouse, BBC Studios, where she solidified her passion for communications and marketing. During this time, she worked on multiple marketing and public relations initiatives, including the San Diego Comic Con, the BritScreen 2018, and managing the digital spheres on a day-to-day basis.

Most recently, Emily emerged from the higher education industry, where she prides herself to bridge the gap between students and success. Particularly, Emily has played a pivotal role in South Florida’s leading educational institutions Miami Dade College and Florida International University, pioneering bountiful relationships between students and members of their preferred industry.

While managing digital marketing campaigns as a Program Specialist at Florida International University, Emily earned a Master of Science in Marketing and earned Lean Six Sigma certification with a Green Belt-level achievement.

The Georgia-born and Miami-based communications guru has set goals of expanding CHLI’s network of interns and sponsorships while enhancing the organization’s digital presence and leading programs for the Hispanic community.